Biotecnol and PolyTherics team up to develop drug conjugates

U.S.-based Biotecnol and U.K.-based PolyTherics have signed a research collaboration to develop antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for a multi-pronged attack on cancer.

Biotecnol's Tribody technology creates molecules that can target two or three different tumor antigens or parts of antigens. The two companies will use PolyTherics' ThioBridge site-specific linker technologies to combine the Tribodies with cancer drugs, with an aim to create cancer therapies that can deliver toxic payloads directly to the tumors. This could reduce the amounts of drug needed, therefore potentially cutting side effects.

The companies will test the drugs in preclinical models, and then look for partners to take them further through development.

John Burt, CEO of PolyTherics, said: "A key challenge facing developers of protein-drug conjugates is that the chemistry linking the targeting molecule to the toxic payload can lead to unstable, heterogeneous products. PolyTherics' technology is site-specific, predictable and results in stable and homogeneous conjugates."

This follows PolyTherics' expansion of its collaboration with an undisclosed top-5 pharma company to develop delivery systems for a number of its partner's therapeutic proteins using its PolyPEG polymer, which extends the half-life of proteins in the body.

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