Parexel opens Singapore distribution facility

As drugmakers expand drug development and manufacturing around the world, logistics become important and often challenging. Suppliers, as well as drugmakers, have to figure out how to get ingredients and supplies to new destinations.

Parexel ($PRXL) is latching onto that opportunity with a new distribution center in Singapore, as well as expansion of operations in Billerica, MA. Both facilities are part of its global Clinical Logistics Services (CLS). While short on details, the biopharmaceutical services provider said Wednesday that it has added secondary packaging and labeling services to its operations.

Parexel is not the only company boosting logistics capabilities to be able to serve other parts of the world, some of them where infrastructure can sometimes present special challenges. Clinical supply company Marken opened a warehouse near the Beijing Capital International Airport in China last year as part of big expansion throughout the world.

French drugmaker Sanofi ($SNY) last year decided to put its largest logistics center on the African continent in Morocco. Sanofi spent €20 million building the 12,000-square-meter facility in Aïn Sebaâ, Casablanca. It can handle 14,500 pallets and will distribute 1,300 Sanofi products manufactured by its Moroccan subsidiary for shipment throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

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