Lonza seeks growth in China after securing IP

Like many pharma services outfits, Lonza aims to expand its business in Asian markets as healthcare sectors in China, India and other countries in that part of the world grow. But the lack of intellectual-property safeguards in Asian territories kept Lonza from introducing its gene-expression platform for cell line development in Asian countries--until now.

Last week, Switzerland-based Lonza, which says it has 7 companies set up in China, trumpeted the release of its updated gene-expression platform called GS Xceed around the globe, making special note of its availability in Asia. The technology offers a 6-week jump on the normal time required for cell line construction, promising to advance protein therapeutics to the clinic that much quicker. And as In-PharmaTechnologist reports, Lonza needed to overcome some IP-protection hurdles before the company could offer the tech to customers in Asia.

"Previously, the original GS System was not available in Asia due to the lack of IP coverage for that territory," Melanie Disa, a Lonza spokeswoman, told In-PharmaTechnologist. She noted: "Many of our large pharmaceutical customers have recently opened R&D centers in China. They want to be able to use our latest GS Expression System in all their labs for development of products for both the local market as well as the rest of the world."

Even though IP protection in China isn't up to U.S. or European standards, drugmakers and their service providers have looked beyond the drawbacks of the Asian market in part because of the tremendous growth prospects. With the world's largest population and a growing capacity to pay for healthcare products, China is poised to become the largest pharma market in the world. And India isn't far behind.  

- here's Lonza's release
- check out In-PharmaTechnologist's article

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