Axxess Pharma has tapped SDC Nutrition for product manufacturing

Axxess Pharma, a maker of specialty pharmaceuticals and supplements, has tapped SDC Nutrition to begin manufacturing protein powders.

Under the agreement, SDC has already begun reformulating and manufacturing Tapout, Axxess' popular protein powder, the company said. Axxess has a variety of sports-related products that include whey proteins, pre-workouts and plant-based proteins .

The SDC facility, which specializes in reformulating and manufacturing powdered, nutritional products, is registered with the FDA and is a Health Canada-approved and cGMP-certified plant.

"We are honored to have SDC manufacture our all-natural Tapout product line," Daniel Bagi, president of Axxess, said in a statement. "They are known throughout the industry for maintaining the highest of quality product controls."

The supplements and nutraceutical business has been booming in recent years with major pharma players, biotech startups and even Swiss food giant Nestlé looking to get a piece of the market. It's estimated the nutrition market will hit $9 billion by 2016.

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