A Queen of menopause stars in a lavish new spot for vagina drug Imvexxy

With a not-so-subtle crown hovering above the nether regions of a queen wearing taffeta, TherapeuticsMD’s new video ad for Imvexxy is all about female fun and empowerment—including after menopause.

Evoking a lavish “Bridgerton” period-drama feel, the ad features a glamorous queen who’s dealing with menopause and its side effects, including one that’s often ignored—vaginal atrophy, which can make sex painful.

Far from shying away from the topic, the ad uses subtle humor and double-entendre to let the viewer know Imvexxy, a bio-identical estrogen softgel insert, is the solution.

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The digital campaign is running on streaming services and on the product’s website, which proudly proclaims in all caps: “Your vagina is queen. Imvexxy is her ally. Long may she reign.”

While the digital campaign only launched last week, the company has already seen a spike in website visits. Even more significant is the reaction to the ad when tested on YouTube.

“We tested this live, and 75% of the people didn't press the button to 'Skip Ad'—and that for me is incredibly telling,” Dawn Halkuff, TherapeuticsMD’s chief commercial officer, said. “The ad is so beautiful it pulls you in, but also I think the messages matter to women. This is such a vibrant time for women, and we should redefine that because they should feel beautiful, and they should want to take care of their whole selves.”

The TherapeuticsMD team was very specific on what they wanted from the ads, Halkuff said. They also insisted on working with McCann's consumer advertising team rather than a specific healthcare or pharma agency.

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Imvexxy, the only bio-identical estrogen softgel insert available, was approved in May 2018. While the drug launched with a smaller campaign, a new marketing team later came up with the idea of extending the popular notion of self-care to women taking care of their sexual lives, and their vaginas, after menopause. The new campaign, "Reign,” followed.

TherapeuticsMD, which focuses exclusively on women’s healthcare, also focuses on promoting women's empowerment. In addition to the Imvexxy work, the company worked with McCann’s female-led team on the “Unapologetically Annovera” spot for the yearly birth control insert.

Like “Reign,” the Annovera ad doesn’t shy away from the word “vagina,” and in fact celebrates it with positivity, sass and neon.