Spotlight On... The CDC has spoken on opioid scripts: Use fewer of them; India is working on a law regulating pharma marketing; Novartis wins approval for Entresto in Singapore; and more...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has rolled out new guidelines for prescribing opioids, a move the agency hopes can help reduce the rate of addiction in the U.S. to the powerful painkillers, but which will also have the effect of further dampening sales of the drugs. More from FiercePharma

> Indian officials are working on a statutory code of conduct for pharmaceutical marketing after reports of unethical practices. Report

> Novartis' ($NVS) Entresto was cleared for marketing in Singapore, the latest country to approve the heart failure med. Report

> The journal Vaccine has yanked a "seriously flawed" and "unjustified" study that purported to find new side effects to Merck's ($MRK) HPV shot Gardasil. Report

> Bayer is setting up an East Coast innovation hub in Cambridge, MA, joining a wide array of biopharma companies looking to take advantage of the institutions and expertise there. Report

And Finally... Some new genetic tests are designed to show how different people metabolize different drugs, but opinions about their utility vary. Report