Sanofi, Regeneron prepped PCSK9 rollout with 'Cholesterol Counts' campaign

Sanofi's and Regeneron's new cholesterol-testing campaign

No question that the marketing people at Sanofi ($SNY) were excited about alirocumab, the next-generation cholesterol drug that won approval earlier this year. Analysts had been talking about multibillion-dollar sales, and recent trial data--not just from Sanofi and its partner Regeneron ($REGN)--built optimism even further.

So it's no wonder that Sanofi and Regeneron were gearing up to promote the PCSK9 inhibitor, now dubbed Praluent, toward the end of 2014. The companies partnered with patient groups and professional organizations on a new cholesterol-testing campaign.

For a kick-off, the "Cholesterol Counts" effort took a patient poll, and launched a campaign website, whose red-white-and-blue color scheme and strategically placed U.S. map made cholesterol-fighting seem like a patriotic duty. Since then, the company has unveiled some survey results--71% of respondents didn't know their LDL numbers--and backed up the website with a cardio-oriented documentary. More