Sanofi launches new corporate brand and logo, and that goes for Genzyme and Sanofi Pasteur, too

A little over a year ago, Pfizer changed its logo and corporate websites and today Sanofi is making the same move.

The French Big Pharma's rebrand centers on a clean, lower case new logo with two purple dots at the start and end of its name.

The two purple dots “embody the scientific journey between a starting point and a finish line—the eureka moment where innovative solutions are unlocked to impact people’s lives,” Sanofi said in a statement.

This replaces the old logo, which had a green, pink and blue series of shapes similar to a bird forming a circle, with SANOFI in all caps in blue underneath. The new logo is also “inspired by the simple and motion-oriented codes of the tech industry,” Sanofi said.

The bottom of the Sanofi ‘s’ is also cut off just at the bottom, intentionally, to reveal what the company says is a question mark (a reversed one at least) to show their questioning nature of “what if?”

Pfizer made a similar move last January, ditching its old pill-based logo for a two-tone blue double helix and updated font.

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Sanofi's changes aren’t stopping with the logo, either: More than a decade after buying out Genzyme, the U.S. biotech, it will now move the Sanofi Genzyme unit under the Sanofi branding. The same goes for its much older vaccines unit, Sanofi Pasteur. All of its other buyouts will also use the new brand.

The reason is that: “Thinking, acting, and behaving as a single entity under a new shared purpose and identity will position Sanofi to have greater impact by more strategically applying the resources that exist across the company to drive innovations that matter,” the company said.

This follows a similar move it made back in 2011 when it ditched Aventis from its name.

“With our new brand, we have sought to provide our people, our partners, patients and healthcare professionals with a clear and strong understanding of who we are and what we are set to achieve,” said Josep Catllà, head of corporate affairs at Sanofi.

“Sanofi’s attitude is humble, authentic—and a little bit unconventional, too. We believe that our new brand and logo carve out a unique space in the healthcare industry that perfectly represents our new purpose to chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives,” he said.