Roska Healthcare Advertising Is Now PulseCX

Roska Healthcare Advertising Is Now PulseCX

New Identity Reflects Company's Focus on Customer Experience for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Brands

Montgomeryville, PA, May 1, 2014 — Roska Healthcare Advertising today announced that the company has changed its name and brand identity to PulseCX. The new identity is effective immediately.

Jay Bolling, CEO of PulseCX, said, "The ways in which customers and brands interact has evolved tremendously in the 33 years since Roska Direct was born, and even since 2010 when the name changed to Roska Healthcare Advertising. The days of neatly sequenced messages and responses is long past—we live in a world that's always on, always interacting, always changing channels, and yet always expecting a seamless customer experience. As a company, we strongly identify with this new reality, and so do our clients. It was time for our name to identify with it as well."

The PulseCX name, Bolling said, captures the agency's focus on the healthcare customer experience, or CX. "Advertising and promotions will always be part of what we do," Bolling explained, "but increasingly, we play a larger role to help clients understand the entire journey of their customers, and then find the best opportunities to engage and support customers through relevant and authentic experiences."

PulseCX president, David Zaritsky, said, "Patients, healthcare professionals, and caregivers require different things from pharma brands. Tailoring experiences to their functional and emotional needs, and empowering them to engage when and where it's right for them, are at the heart of what we do. Our new identity helps us share that story with the industry."

In addition to a new name, logo, website (, and Twitter handle (@PulseCX), the company has developed a suite of new solutions for healthcare brands, called PulsePoints™ 360. "We've put together three sets of products, called Strategy 360, Brand 360, and Experience 360," Bolling explained. "Each provides clients with a clearly defined set of activities and deliverables to help craft impactful customer experiences, without having to re-invent work they may already have done to support their brands," Bolling said.

Not all the changes are external. While the company will continue to be headquartered in its Montgomeryville, PA offices, the space has undergone a transformation of its own. "We've changed many areas of the office," Bolling said, "but the most dramatic change has been to our common area. We've completely re-imagined the space from its previous "cafeteria" motif to a new living and working space. New hardwood floors, hanging chairs, video screens, and comfortable couches make for a more relaxed place to conduct meetings, host client presentations, brainstorm ideas, or share lunch with a co-worker. The real centerpiece is the beautiful bar and community butcher block table that one of our employees built by hand. The space is a great blend of fun and functional." 

The company will actively be promoting its new brand in a campaign launching today. "We have a lot of ideas and insights to share," Bolling said. "I encourage everyone to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, check out the new website and blog, and stop by our office for a visit. It's an exciting time for us, and we're looking forward to sharing it." 

About PulseCX 

PulseCX is headquartered just outside of Philadelphia, PA. The company helps pharmaceutical and healthcare brands understand and support consumer and professional customers with communications and experiences that are relevant, relatable, and authentic. 

For more information about PulseCX, visit, contact Jay Bolling at [email protected], or call 215‐699‐9200.