Practice Fusion Launches Nation's Largest Real-Time Clinical Health Database

Practice Fusion Launches Nation's Largest Real-Time Clinical Health Database

Insight by Practice Fusion is a powerful new free tool for healthcare professionals, public health organizations and research institutions to view current outbreaks, prescription usage and much more; premium edition offers in-depth pharmaceutical market information and custom reports.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 21, 2014 – Today, Practice Fusion, the country's largest physician-patient community, launched the nation's largest real-time clinical health database, Insight. Physicians, researchers and analysts can now access unique analysis sourced from a de-identified subset of more than 81 million patient records. Insight users can explore health and pharmaceutical market trends, including diagnoses across patient populations, all in real-time.

Offered free of charge, Insight is designed to provide a full perspective across the clinical spectrum, from diagnosis to treatment, that can identify new research opportunities and market trends while addressing some of the most pressing concerns in healthcare today.

"Real-time patient health data has been kept under lock and key, both because of technology limitations and the companies monetizing that data at a high cost—until today." said Ryan Howard, founder and CEO, Practice Fusion. "Insight unleashes powerful, de-identified health data from tens of millions of real patients and more than 2,000 drug therapies in real time, at no cost. This is a hugely disruptive move in the health data industry."

Covering diagnoses from seasonal infections like influenza to chronic conditions such as diabetes, Insight enables users to explore data to uncover:

The current and historical market share of prescription medications compared to other medications in that drug class
Currently trending diagnoses for a real-time view of current outbreaks
Diagnosis trends over time to uncover trends in seasonal infections
Proportion of patients with a diagnosis by body-mass index (BMI), age group or sex
Top 100 diagnoses seen nationally on the Practice Fusion platform
Practice Fusion also offers a premium version of Insight for those looking for more in-depth, granular analyses. Features of the paid platform include:

Additional data views including: Patient Profile, Prescriber Profile, Rx Switching and Treatment Flow
Filters allowing the selection of specific patient subpopulations, and the ability to see any data view for that specific subpopulation
Ability to view the market share of any prescription medication within a patient subpopulation
Custom-curated reports offering real-time and in-depth performance analyses of any drug therapy in the outpatient market, available by request
To explore Practice Fusion's Insight platform for free, visit Individuals interested in the premium version of the Insight platform can contact [email protected]

About Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is the largest and fastest-growing healthcare platform, with a mission of connecting doctors, patients and data to drive better health and save lives. A driving force in modernizing American health care, Practice Fusion is used by a community of more than 112,000 monthly active medical professionals with 81 million patient records. In April 2013, the company launched its consumer-facing platform, Patient Fusion, where patients can find and book appointments with doctors and access their medical records. The World Economic Forum recognized Practice Fusion as a Technology Pioneer for 2013.