Pharmaceutical Call Centers Must Evolve to Respond to More Informed Customers

Pharmaceutical Call Centers Must Evolve to Respond to More Informed Customers

Medical Information Teams Work Together to Fill in Data Gaps

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - December 09, 2014) - More informed and internet savvy patients and healthcare providers mean that medical information teams now receive more complex questions than in the past, according to Cutting Edge Information, a pharmaceutical business intelligence provider. Pharmaceutical call centers must evolve to successfully address these more specific and difficult questions.

In a recent survey conducted by Cutting Edge Information, medical information directors revealed that they now need to fill in the data gaps for their callers, providing information that is not readily available via internet searches. Often, this includes information pertaining to real-world outcomes, which is in higher demand with the shifting healthcare environment.

"To help build responses to more complicated questions, medical information groups spend more time communicating with teams in other countries than they have in the past," says Jacob Presson, Senior Research Analyst with Cutting Edge Information. "The groups share questions, responses and data sources to better serve customers. While each team still concentrates on their own region and operates their pharmaceutical call centers independently, sharing information is beneficial to everyone involved."

Cutting Edge Information's newest report, "Medical Information and Call Center Performance: Building New Practices to Meet the Evolving Needs of HCPS and Patients," available at, details results of the survey and interviews conducted with several top life sciences companies' medical information teams. The study provides readers with in-depth analysis and benchmarks of the industry's most innovative companies.

With the insights and metrics that this report provides, medical information executives will be prepared to demonstrate value and argue for more resources for their department and for their pharmaceutical call centers. Other benefits of purchasing this study include:

Benchmarking your medical information teams, both internally and at the call center, against key performance indicators collected and analyzed in this study.
Align budgets with call center volume and group responsibilities.
Learn the advantages of implementing self-guided training programs to maximize efficiency.
Boost efficiency by establishing clear processes for elevated calls.
Explore call center operations for teams of different sizes and regions.
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