Novo looks at Victoza in fatty liver disease; FDA flags SGLT2 inhibitors for potentially high blood acid levels;

> Novo Nordisk ($NVO) is examining recent clinical trial data that show its diabetes drug Victoza has potential as a treatment for fatty liver disease. Report

> A new lawsuit claims Blue Cross has withheld hep C cure Harvoni for financial reasons. Release

> The FDA has warned that a new class of Type 2 diabetes drugs--SGLT2 inhibitors--may cause dangerously high levels of blood acids that could require hospitalization. Report

> A lawsuit claims the FDA overstepped its bounds by deciding two generic drugs used to treat ADHD should no longer be substituted for Johnson & Johnson's ($JNJ) widely used Concerta. More

> Boehringer Ingelheim has new Phase II study data for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) treatment Ofev that show its efficacy and safety in a broader range of patients. More

And Finally... Australia's Sirtex may be on Bayer's M&A radar as the two companies focus in on radiation treatments for liver cancers. Story

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