Lippe Taylor taps MedFluencers to access healthcare's social media stars

Lippe Taylor Group has struck a deal to connect pharma with the healthcare professionals making waves online. Working with MedFluencers, the agency is aiming to foster influencer-creator partnerships that consumers and other HCPs find trustworthy and credible. 

MedFluencers pitches itself as “the world’s first and only healthcare influencer marketing agency created for HCP influencers by HCP influencers.” CEO Adam Goodcoff is an emergency medicine physician with 1.9 million followers on TikTok, and the company works with more than 100 medical influencers with a combined reach of 35 million followers. The influencers include medical students and physicians. 

Lippe Taylor, a PR agency, has identified MedFluencers as a good fit for its efforts to help clients connect with patients via social media. Talking to MM+M, Corey Martin, managing director of creator marketing at Lippe Taylor, framed healthcare influencers as a way for pharma to connect with their audience on the platforms they use to gather information.

“More people are trying to understand and they’re using TikTok and Instagram as a discovery tool. It’s really important that healthcare brands and companies show up in social media and show up with the right creators that can help inform consumers the right way,” Martin said.

Areas of focus include HCP influencer programming benchmarking and pricing standardization, Sunshine Act compliance education, joint new business initiatives and creator and influencer development. One specific goal is to cultivate peer-to-peer and physician-to-patient relationships through digital personas.

The rise of HCP influencers on social media has created a new pool of physicians for pharma, which has a long history of working with key opinion leaders, to target. While there is some overlap between the two pools, social media are allowing HCPs to become influential and establish themselves as credible voices in their communities earlier in their careers.