GSK Call on RY to Develop Digital Framework for Global Roll-Out

GSK Call on RY to Develop Digital Framework for Global Roll-Out

Creating a framework for the future

LONDON, August 21st 2014: Radley Yeldar (RY), the creative consultancy, has created a digital framework for GSK - one of the world's leading science-led healthcare companies - to be rolled out globally.

GSK operates 50 corporate websites telling the GSK story world-wide and, following the refocus of the GSK brand in 2013, there was an increasing need to deliver a consistent experience across all corporate websites.

"The sites varied hugely," explains Richard Coope, Digital Director, RY "both in scale and the platforms they were built on. Our challenge was to come up with a system that would encourage markets to develop individual sites meeting local needs within a consistent brand and user experience."

To meet the need, RY, working in close partnership with GSK, have developed a digital framework, which is now available to all GSK local operating companies.

The comprehensive digital framework, which includes everything local operating companies will need to create their own web sites while aligning to the global brand and content strategy, consists of three main elements: a 'frameworks package' – including templates, code and modules; a 'toolkit site' – covering IA, tips and content strategy plus 'digital brand guidelines' – designed to provide 'on brand' guidance rather than prescriptive 'do's' and 'don'ts'.

"The aim was never to deliver or to encourage 50 identical sites" says Richard Coope "The objective was always to deliver a flexible framework that would enable, empower and encourage the individual territories to create their own brilliant sites, relevant to their businesses while adhering to the brand, company narrative and digital guidelines. This way, while the sites will differ, there will be consistency and coherence in the global GSK digital experience.

Following the launch of three new web sites created from the tools provided and RY's counsel in best practice, the new GSK digital framework launched on Wednesday August 20th.

Commenting on the framework and the decision to work with RY, Simon Quayle, Digital Communications Director, GSK says: "We've been delighted with RY's creativity and their ongoing support, which has allowed us to enhance our audience's online experience of the GSK story. We can now provide to our local operating companies an easy and simple way to develop on-brand websites with a consistent narrative. For the first time, our corporate website offers an equally rich experience on mobile devices as on desktops achieved through RY's fully-responsive design."

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