Allergan is adding more celebrity firepower to its preventable blindness initiative, See America.

After scoring impressive numbers with its science-focused TV ad, Pfizer is preparing to launch another next month starring one of its own scientists.

What did Lions Health festivalgoers take home? Concrete ideas—such as the winning campaigns—but also that nebulous feeling we call “inspiration.”

No one travels to an industry gathering without expectations, but at the Cannes Lions Health Festival, attendees set some pretty lofty goals.

The Lions Health festival is one conversation after another, with many more of them on social media. Subjects? GSK, PhRMA, Pfizer and Astro Mike.

And the Cannes Lions Health pharma Grand Prix award goes to … no one. For the second time in four years, the jury declined to hand out a top prize.

Don’t look for the most visible pharma campaigns on the 2017 Cannes Lions Health short list. The recognition went to print and digital rather than TV.

At the Cannes Lions Health festival this weekend, pharma's marketing gambles move into the spotlight.

Pharma finally has a seat at the table with other industries in digital marketing. The Facebook table, that is.