#FierceMadness final: Evenity, Brukinsa square off for best drug name title

FierceMadness 2020 bracket
Vote now for the champion drug name! Will it be Evenity or Brukinsa? Check back Monday. (Carly Helfand)

The final contest is set. Amgen’s Evenity will face BeiGene’s Brukinsa for the title of best drug name in the #FierceMadness 2020 tournament.

Both drugs handily dispatched opponents in the Final Four round. Evenity took down Alexion’s Ultomiris by a score of 1,194-224. While voters weighed in on both sides, the Ultomiris connections to a "superhero" or "comic book" character—depending on the commenter—lost out to a name voters found “easier to say” and “rolls off the tongue.”

Voters continued to come up with creative interpretations for their favorite names, with one writing “Even it. Y? Why not!” while another wrote, “It reminds me of a Buddhist story.” Overall, there were lots of comments that combined features of the drug with the name attributes, such as this voter's, which said, “It feels more positive, lighter and feminine, much like the demographic it is targeting.”

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As for what happens in the next round, a hopeful commenter said, “To Evenity and beyond.”

In the other contest, Brukinsa also won easily, topping Johnson & Johnson’s Spravato with a 752-329 tally.

Some BeiGene employees happily noted they work for the company and were pulling for their drug because “BeiGene Rocks” and “BeiGene Rules.” When it came to the drug name itself, many noted the connection to the Bruton's tyrosine kinase inhibitor drug class and mechanism of action, while others liked the syllable combinations for other reasons. One wrote, “Have a brew and say ah,” while others said, “Powerful, immediate and fearless” or simply, “Sounds cool 'bruh!”

Championship voting begins now. Vote and comment here through Friday at 10 p.m. Check back Monday to find out the winning drug name!

Final (Vote here)

(9) Brukinsa vs. (13) Evenity

Maker: BeiGene
Indication: mantle cell lymphoma
Sounds like: the bro posse at a hipster consulting firm

Maker: Amgen
Indication: osteoporosis
Sounds like: work-life balance in perfect alignment

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