Blue Latitude announces collaboration with Janssen Healthcare Innovation to increase accessibility of Care4Today® Mobile Health Manager

Blue Latitude is supporting JHI to help Care4Today® Mobile Health Manager (MHM) become the most endorsed and used adherence platform available to patients

LONDON, 30th September 2015 – Blue Latitude, a creative marketing consultancy specialising in healthcare, announced today that they have successfully collaborated with Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI) to increase accessibility of the patient-centric Care4Today® Mobile Health Manager application (MHM).

Launched in the UK last year, Care4Today® Mobile Health Manager is a free and secure mobile app and website designed to help patients and their carers stay on track and in control of their medicines and treatments.

Blue Latitude and JHI collaborated in a team workshop, designed to ensure MHM is accessible to the greatest number of patients in need of support in taking their medications as directed.

Mobile health platforms represent a hugeopportunity to improve patients' health by encouraging better adherence. Lack of medicine adherence causes significant problems; not only for those relying on medication to manage their condition, but also for their carers, with non-adherence thought to account for 30% to 50% of treatment failures[1].

Fred Bassett, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy at Blue Latitude, said, "Improving medication adherence is recognised as one of the biggest opportunities to improve patient outcomes and quality of care. The successful Care4Today® MHM partnership with JHI represents an exciting step for Blue Latitude in our efforts to create exceptionalcustomer experiences in healthcare that positively influence lives."

Fred Bassett added: "Pharma and healthcare providers have strong incentives to help patients get the most from their prescription medicines. Blue Latitude supports them by providing a proven set of solutions to target and reach specific patient groups for accomplishing exactly that."

To date, the app has been downloaded 370,000 times with well over 100,000 registered users worldwide, making Care4Today® MHM well on track toward becoming one of the most endorsed and used adherence platforms. It is also listed on the NHS Choices Health Apps Library (