BioMarin's Vimizim and Lilly's Trulicity square off in drug-name tourney championship

Back in March, we at FiercePharmaMarketing put together a little competition of sorts--in the classic March bracket tournament fashion--for newly approved drugs to duke it out in the "best-named" arena.

The contest featured close calls, upsets, and Cinderella runs aplenty, and when all was said and done, it was BioMarin's ($BMRN) Vimizim and Eli Lilly's ($LLY) Trulicity staring each other down in the final match.

Who would come away victorious? Would it be Vimizim, which one reader said "sounds like a car revving its engine to win this race"? Or Trulicity, which another said "sounds like a vacation destination that would be hyped by an unethical travel agent"?

Spoiler alert: Vimizim took the title, crushing its rival by a voting tally of 6,783-4,881.

You can read more about the tournament here and more about the Vimizim-Trulicity matchup here. About the eventual champion? Check it out here.