Biohaven partners with The Moth for migraine patient storytelling session

Sharol Klise never thought of herself as a storyteller, but in June she became one, working with the well-known storytelling group The Moth and Biohaven Pharmaceuticals in a live event to tell her migraine story. The 52-year-old mortgage lender was one of three migraine sufferers who participated in the online event to bring their experiences to life for others.

Klise, who was also a participant in a clinical trial of Biohaven's rimegepant—now Nurtec ODT—worked with Moth producers to hone her storytelling skills and present her story, which focused on one summer day in 2010 when she regressed after 10 years of relatively low levels of migraine. Instead of going to a much-anticipated outdoor concert with friends that day, Klise lay curled up in the cool darkness of her bathtub in excruciating pain. It was the turning point for her not only in terms of the recurring migraines, but in maintaining hope and continuing to try to find a solution that worked for her.

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“It’s very important to me to explain to other people, ‘Yes, I get being at your wit’s end and I get not wanting to try something else,’ but I want to tell them there’s hope and maybe this will be the thing that works for you. So don’t give up—try to find and keep that hope,” Klise said.

Vlad Coric, CEO of Biohaven, said the company approached The Moth as the “perfect partner” to focus on the real-life patient experiences with migraine.

All three storytellers for the June event are Nurtec users and talked to the remote audience about how treatment has positively impacted their lives in the struggle with the often overlooked debilitation that comes with migraines, Coric said. Another Moth storyteller, college student Ellie Wiese, is also featured in Biohaven’s branded DTC ad campaign for Nurtec, which began in April.

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“Biohaven’s intense focus on patients guides the actions we are taking to ensure awareness of and access to Nurtec ODT, especially during these stressful times. We are focused on providing innovative programming like The Moth event, as well as information about telemedicine and patient support programs,” Coric said in an email interview.

Nurtec was approved in February and competes with other new acute migraine treatments including Allergan’s Ubrelvy and Eli Lilly’s Reyvow—which both debuted in January—in addition to older therapies like triptans.