Allergan recruits profile pic experts for latest Kybella blitz

Career counselor Maggie Mistal and photographer Peter Hurley discuss the importance of profile pictures for a new Kybella campaign from Allergan.

In its latest push for chin-fat buster Kybella, Allergan is turning the conversation toward a topic that can be a sensitive one for self-conscious consumers: social media profile pictures.

The company has pulled together tips from a pair of social profile experts on how to look your best, both physically and professionally, in the photos you share--beyond using Kybella to treat submental fullness, a condition that doesn’t always respond to weight loss, Allergan notes.

Photographer Peter Hurley, for one, recommends specific strategies for taking your ideal shot--such as “squinching,” a technique he developed to help people look more attractive and approachable. It involves bringing your lower eyelids up slightly toward your pupils, and he suggests practicing it in a mirror.

Career counselor and podcast host Maggie Mistal’s advice? If you want to capture the attention of a hiring manager, go it alone. Avoid cropping other people out of your photos, which never looks professional, she contends. Avoid distracting backgrounds such as tourist landmarks, too.

“The extraordinary reach of social media means our image is everywhere these days, but unfortunately I have a lot clients tell me they actually avoid appearing in social media photos because they’re unhappy or feel self-conscious about the way they look in these images,” Hurley said in a statement.

Allergan, of course, has a product it believes can ease some of those negative feelings by eliminating double chin. And it hasn’t been shy about pushing the new launch, which already boasts an inheritance-focused DTC campaign and a partnership with Khloé Kardashian.

So far, physicians seem to like the product, which bodes well for the Dublin drugmaker.  “Patient results have been encouraging and feedback overall positive,” RBC Capital Markets’ Randall Stanicky wrote in a recent note to clients.

And another good sign: Docs “indicated there was interest and early use among injectable-naive patients and importantly men”--two areas where he sees potential for expansion and cross-selling across Allergan’s facial aesthetics portfolio.

Overall, Stanicky expects sales to reach about $500 million in 2021, with longer-term growth following that benchmark. Allergan itself has said it the med could measure up to blockbuster Botox in the future. In the meantime, though, consensus estimates are more measured, predicting $442 million at the 2021 mark.

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