Wisconsin report adds to drug take-back funding debate

A report out of Wisconsin said local governments are struggling to get consumers to safely dispose of unused meds because they don't have enough money to publicize take-back programs there. According to Pharmalot, the study found that only about 2% of unused drugs were collected in 2011. It said local programs ended up costing $8.05 to $10.07 per pound, compared with $3.50 a pound in Canada and $0.23 per pound in France, both countries that mandate that industry foot the bill. The report adds to the debate over looking to the pharma industry to help with the perceived problem of leftover drugs getting into water supplies or addictive pain drugs getting into the hands of kids. Alameda County in California last year passed a law requiring drug companies to start paying for a disposal program there, but it has been blocked so far by industry litigation. The industry argues that the best way to get rid of most unused meds is for consumers to wrap them appropriately and put them out with the garbage. Story | More