WHO lists top 30 life-savers; U.K. may regulate sales volume of multinationals;

 > Aware of the pharma industry's importance to the UK economy, officials will likely introduce regulatory mechanisms to reduce sales by multinational drugmakers. Story

> The World Health Organization has released a list of the top 30 life-saving drugs for maternal and child health. WHO announcement

> Vaccine maker IDT Biologika will invest $120 million in production plants and pharmaceutical infrastructure by the end of 2012 in Germany. Story

> Attorneys in Arizona, Kentucky and Georgia are asking the Justice Department to investigate how their states got hold of sodium thiopental for use in lethal injections. Article

> Pharma has given $37 million, mostly cash, to Japan for earthquake/tsunami recovery. Story

> Many Indian logistics companies are getting into the cold chain business, to the delight of private equity investors. Article

> Generics maker Actavis will implement the PAS-X manufacturing execution system from Werum Software at its new plant in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria. News