Welcome to the first issue of FiercePharma Manufacturing!

George Miller, Fiercepharmamanufacuring EditorWelcome to the inaugural issue of FiercePharma Manufacturing, devoted to the manufacturing and supply chain technology needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Technology and automation systems now pervade the drug making process, from receipt of active pharmaceutical ingredients through adverse event monitoring of approved drugs. Our point of view is that automation and technology adoption help drug makers compete in the increasingly global pharmaceutical business. By watching and reporting on these technology developments and trends, we can help our readers and their companies succeed.

The topics we will cover include any pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing-related and process automation systems and applications, supply chain systems and services, adverse event reporting, and regulatory submissions. We're interested in case histories of such system implementations, but even more interested in your opinions based on implementation experience of how drugmakers today rely on automation technology to succeed in business.

Please send your ideas and announcements, as well as critiques and suggestions, to the FiercePharma editorial team: George Miller, ([email protected]), and Maureen Martino ([email protected]). We look forward to hearing from you! - George

Suggested Articles

South Korea’s Celltrion, which has a massive biologics site in Songdo, has decided it is time to build some operations in China.

WuXi Biologics is taking control of a Bayer plant in Germany and agreed it could serve as a backup facility for supply of hemophilia drug Kovaltry.

A Chinese OTC drugmaker gets the distinction of ringing in the new year as the first company to be slapped with an FDA warning letter.