Vaccine maker plants approved in China; Antibiotic for Lyme disease in short supply;

> Some Indian drug packaging companies expect to see a surge in business from a government plan to crack down on drug counterfeiters. Report

> Two officials of the Nigerian Barewa Pharmaceutical company were sentenced to 14 years in jail in for their part in a manufacturing scandal in which My Pikin baby mixture was contaminated, resulting in the deaths of 84 children. Story

> Chinese vaccine manufacturer Sinovac Beijing has gotten a new 5-year renewal on its GMP certificate from the China State and Food Administration (CFDA) for its proprietary vaccines, its Haidian district bulk production plants, and its Changping filing and packaging facility. Release

> Officials in Maine say they are asking the FDA to help to resolve a shortage of an antibiotic to treat Lyme disease. Story

And Finally... There are new indications that Chinese hackers are again targeting clinical trial data. Story