USP tracks drug quality across world regions; FDA simplifies drug recall searches;

> The US Pharmacopeial Convention's Promoting the Quality of Medicines program has launched a database of medicines analyzed in various world regions prone to counterfeits and substandard drugs. Story

> The FDA now boasts a more consumer-friendly recall search engine that presents results in table format. Announcement | Recall Search Tool

> Methylphenidate HCl, a generic form of Ritalin, has been added to the FDA's drug shortages list; both Sandoz and Covidien report API constraints. List

> The FDA appears to be focusing on third-part inspections of foreign drug-making plants but ramping up for FDA agent inspections of medical device facilities. Article

> Germany's Glycotope Biotechnology is adding cleanroom facilities as a first step in expanding GMP-production capacity. Glycotype release

> The PharmaLine PQ UV disinfection system provides chemical-free disinfection for low-flow pharma and biotech applications. Release

> AAIPharma has built and moved into a purpose-built compendial raw materials testing area in its Wilmington, NC, headquarters. AAIPharma announcement

> Daiichi Sankyo has launched Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo Vaccine Co. to manufacture and market biological drug products. Daiichi release

> New GMP rules in China are likely to drive consolidation among the country's 5,000-plus drugmakers. Story