UAE gets plant to make cancer meds; Canada bans imports from Indian API firm; India plans quality moves;

> The new Indian government is planning to take steps to improve the quality of drug manufacturing within the country. Story

> Labiofam, Cuba's state-owned pharmaceutical and chemical company, is planning to build a drug manufacturing facility in Bolivia. Story

> LIFE Pharma has started construction on a $160 million manufacturing plant in the United Arab Emirates, which will reportedly be the first in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region to make cancer drugs. Report

> Canada has halted imports from Indian API maker Ipca Laboratories after reviewing information collected during an inspection by the FDA. Story

> Starwin Products, Ghana's second-biggest publicly traded drugmaker, said it will issue shares to raise money to invest in manufacturing. Report

> French authorities have approved a facility with manufacturing capabilities that can be made available to start-up companies there. Release

And Finally... Nguyen Minh Hung, CEO of VN Pharma in Vietnam, and another executive have been arrested for using counterfeit documents to smuggle $1 million worth of illegal drugs into the country. Story