Twitter chat redux: In case you missed the chat, we don't want you to miss the info

So we did it again and hosted a Twitter chat. If you were among those who tuned in for the fast-paced discussion with BASF expert Thorsten Cech, who walked us through some ins and outs of #sustainedrelease technology, we appreciate it.

As you know that is a hot topic in science these days. Even my neighbor perked up when I mentioned the chat to him. He is not exactly a layperson. He is a Princeton grad with expertise in imaging technology who has worked in the healthcare industry, but he was acutely aware of all of the potential in the science.

If you missed it, here's a taste of the subject matter we covered. You can also go to Twitter and search for #sustainedrelease.

Q. To warm up, why does poly (vinylacetate) provide desirable #SustainedRelease functionality? @BASF_Pharma

A. Poly (vinylacetate), known as chewing gum base, is insoluble & very robust. Reliable #SustainedRelease formulations can easily be created.

Q. What makes poly (vinylacetate) in your view a unique #SustainedRelease agent? @BASF_Pharma

A. Poly (vinylacetate) is available as powder and as aqueous dispersion. The use of both creates a vast #SustainedRelease design space.

A. Various #SustainedRelease profiles can be achieved with the same formulation using different technologies.

Q. Which technologies are applicable for #SustainedRelease formulations based on poly (vinylacetate)? @BASF_Pharma

A. Direct compression, wet granulation including fluid bed & high shear, roll compaction, extrusion and of course coating.

Q. Is poly (vinylacetate) also suitable for highly soluble drugs? #SustainedRelease @BASF_Pharma

A. You always need to decide on the type of formulation first--typically coated dosage forms can gain higher #SustainedRelease functionality.

A. You can also coat a matrix tablet with poly (vinylacetate) to increase the #SustainedRelease effect.

If you want to see the rest, check it out at #sustainedrelease, but you get the idea. It was a lot more fun online. I hope you will join us next time, when you will have the opportunity to jump in and ask your own questions.