Troubles top 2011 topics; time for holiday break

We're taking a break between holidays, with our next issue hurtling through cyberspace to your inbox on Tuesday, Jan. 3. That'll be 2012.

Our most popular topics this year, judging by the number of you who read about them, concern manufacturing difficulties: Drug shortage stories top the list and warning letters make it into the top 5. Stories about layoffs make the top 10. One surprise was the topic of green and sustainability efforts in operations, which grabbed the No. 2 spot.

We'll keep those topics front of mind in 2012, as well as new topics that you deem important. Let me know anytime.

My thanks to you for reading in 2011. Special thanks to those who wrote, sharing their ideas, praise, disagreement, critiques, suggestions and requests. All will continue to be welcome in the coming year.

Peace! - George Miller