Tap common sense for energy efficiency; S-A packages excipients for developers;

> Common sense remains one of the most powerful energy saving tools available. Article

> Sigma-Aldrich will repackage BASF excipients into small pack sizes for academic R&D. Release

> A European Medicines Agency concept paper on drug transport storage conditions aims to clarify good distribution and manufacturing practices. Release

> The European Parliament will introduce a directive on falsified medicines, guaranteeing the origin and quality of drugs in member states. Story

> India's Drug Consultative Committee has approved a proposal requiring drug packages to have a 2D bar code and a unique randomly generated numeric code. Story

> U.S. Customs officers at Kennedy Airport in New York have seized 19,900 counterfeit Viagra pills worth $220,000. Story

> Sun European Partners has bought contract manufacturer NextPharma Technologies. Story

> Officials in Pakistan are working on a new drug pricing policy. Story