Taiwan recalls batches of injectable sodium chloride made by Y.F. Chemical

Taiwanese authorities issued a nationwide advisory to hospitals to avoid certain batches of injectable sodium chloride made by Y.F. Chemical, a move that followed a spate of over-the-counter drug recalls in April.

The agency said 8 patients developed fevers after injections, which it said were tainted with bacteria. It said 54,400 units of the drug had been distributed to major hospitals and pharmacies in Taiwan.

Sodium chloride usually is injected into dehydrated patients following major surgery.

The Taiwan FDA said tests on 17 samples uncovered two contaminated with Ralstonia pickettii, only somewhat pathogenic, but capable of damaging immune systems.

The advisory suggested removing the products within 24 hours.

In April, Taiwanese drug authorities issued two drug recalls within a week for use of lower-grade ingredients in over-the-counter drugs.

- here's the story from the China Post