Supply chain stress on the rise; J&J recalls odiferous HIV drug;

> Concerns over the ability to execute corporate supply chain strategy have more than tripled in the past two years, says Aftab Jamil, national director for the Technology & Life Sciences Practice at BDO USA. BDO release 

> J&J is recalling 2,000 bottles of HIV/AIDS drug Prezista in four European countries following reports of that same old "musty or moldy odor." Story

> Tobias Marguerre, GM at Octapharma in Stockholm, Sweden, is the recent recipient of an FDA warning letter for GMP failures related to infection-fighter Octagam and Octagam intermediates. Warning Letter

> Xavier Castellsague at Moehs Iberica in Barcelona received an FDA missive, too; his describes a failure to investigate out-of-spec results for an API and inadequate product quality reviews, among other GMP violations. Warning Letter

> Manufacturing violations on their way to being remedied have stung Teva Pharmaceutical, which says generic-drug sales in the U.S. fell for the second quarter in a row; lack of new products also hurt. Report

> Paul Orhii, the World Health Assembly's director general of the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control, is lobbying member nations for a treaty to support the global fight against drug counterfeiting. Article

> OSO BioPharmaceuticals in Albuquerque has been recognized for protecting the Rio Grande River by changing raw materials processes, which reduced wastewater by 25 percent. OsoBio release

> Biovest says construction is complete for its personalized cancer vaccine manufacturing site in Minnesota. Story