Sub-visible particles pose detection challenge; Elan launches scale-up, manufacturing services;

> Some of the recent drug recalls stemming from particle contamination--one involving sub-visible, 25- to 30-micron particles--highlight inspection and contamination control challenges. Article

> Drug delivery specialist Elan has launched a manufacturing services business encompassing drug product optimization, scale-up, and commercial-scale manufacturing of solid oral dosage forms. Elan release

> Police and health officials in Bangkok, following a tip, raided four drug stockrooms, two of which operate as pharmacies, and found more than 200 varieties of fake pharmaceuticals, unauthorized generics and illegal imports. Article

> Supplier relationship management is as vital an aspect of drug supply chain security technology tools e-pedigree, RFID and spectroscopy. Article

> Contract manufacturer SAFC has completed a 50,000-square-foot expansion of its Jerusalem facility, increasing its capacity to make recombinant proteins and small molecule APIs, including high-potency materials and secondary metabolites. SAFC release

> Bormioli Rocco says it can produce molded glass vials with "optimum glass distribution and an approximate weight reduction of 30% compared to conventional vials." Bormioli Rocco release

> NextPharma has announced the start of construction of a cold chain and logistics warehouse in Werne, Germany. NextPharma release

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