In streamlining effort, GSK centralizes security

GSK has gone global in its security approach. The drug giant has signed a five-year deal with security company G4S that is said to be among the first in which a large multinational drugmaker has opted to centralize security, rather than setting it up on a country-by-country basis.

The Financial Times reports pharma security needs extend beyond that of multinationals in many other industries. Counterfeiting, thefts and attacks by animal activists require additional security measures.

G4S will centrally manage GSK's security services from the U.K. The contract covers operations and training, standards compliance, and services tailored to each site.

The initial rollout involves deployment of G4S employees to GSK sites across Argentina, Costa Rica, the U.K., U.S., and Venezuela, as well as GSK headquarters in Brentford, U.K. The companies expect G4S to reach GSK sites in an additional 28 countries within 18 months.

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