Spotlight On... CMO helps TxCell move forward with clinical supplies after pilot plant closed; China sets out plans for more stringent drug manufacturing oversight; Swiss say India the key source of confiscated drugs; and more...

TxCell, a French biotech working on T cell treatments for chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, says that Belgian CMO MaSTherCell has successfully completed manufacturing validation runs of its lead drug candidate Ovasave. TxCell contracted with the CMO after French authorities last year shut down its own pilot plant in Besançon because of sterility concerns. The company said it has submitted to authorities amendments to its clinical protocol and expects this will allow it to resume its clinical study of Ovasave. Release | More

> China FDA Commissioner Bi Jingquan said the regulator will work with drugmakers as it follows President Xi Jinping's directives for the "most stringent" standards for drug, device and food safety but will also will mete out the "most severe punishment" for fraud. Story

> Federal authorities said that Lester "Les" Willard, a 51-year-old Florence, SC man was sentenced to 12 months home confinement and 5 years probation for his running a fulfillment center for foreign drug companies to sell $600 million worth of unapproved pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S.Report

> The Swiss government reports that 42% of confiscated drugs came from India and that about 65% come from Asian countries. Report

> New Jersey-based compounder, Curexa Pharmacy has won accreditation for specialty pharmacy services from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission. Release