Shippers organize air cargo to win over pharma

Big Pharma and fine arts find they have something in common: Both are working to limit or remove overweight air cargo from their supply chain lineups.

"With many shippers and retailers now employing lean manufacturing in their supply-chain operations, the air cargo industry cannot afford to carry any fat through inefficient practices," said Chris Welsh, secretary general of the Global Shippers' Forum, in Air Cargo World magazine. Otherwise, air cargo can expect to lose their business to more efficient, cost-effective modes.

"[A] single air cargo voice is vital," to show it's a player on the lean team, Welsh added, and the place to start using that voice is around climate change, aviation security and "the snail-like pace in universally implementing e-commerce solutions, particularly e-airway bills."

Fortunately, the industry has created the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG). The single-voice group will help the industry show it is working to reduce carbon emissions in its operations. In addition, it can help explain why air cargo is vital to the world economy, he said.

Welsh said GACAG has come at just the right time to address these challenges. It and the Global Shippers' Forum are committed to working with industry on a joint agenda for solving the problems.

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