Seattle the exception in hosting medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana patients have formed the Seattle Quality Collective, a dispensary of true medical-grade cannabis. The collective is "one of several new medical-marijuana dispensaries to open" in the city, says a Seattle Weekly blog.

"Medical marijuana should be regarded as any other pharmaceutical: high-quality, consistent, without pesticides, mold or overall poor quality," the collective says in the story. The shop has about 20 strains in stock. Pricing runs from $7 to $15 per gram.

Blogger Steve Elliott describes his visit, critiquing "the bouquet and harshness of a [low-cost product] due to substandard curing." Beyond the hedonistic aspects of his review, he does take note of a particular brand that is "a potent sleep aid, especially if you suffer from nagging pain that interrupts your rest."

In contrast to what Elliott reports about the presence of several medical-marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, many cities appear to be more restrictive or indecisive. Utica, MI, for example, recently extended is moratorium for a second one-year term.

Earlier this week, a Las Vegas judge dismissed charges in a medical marijuana criminal case, saying he couldn't make sense of Nevada's laws.

And the Ukiah Daily Journal reports the Mendocino County board of supervisors is considering a moratorium on dispensaries until in-process regulations are established.

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