Sanofi's new plant shipping Fabrazyme; recipients of hips from J&J, others face life-long issues;

> Sanofi's ($SNY) Genzyme is shipping its Fabry disease med Fabrazyme from its newly approved plant in Framingham, MA, allowing U..S. patients to return to full dosing in March and new patients to begin full dosing regimens. Genzyme release

> Hundreds of thousands of patients who have received now failing metal-on-metal hip implants by makers like Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) may be exposed to enough toxic cobalt and chromium ions to leave them permanently disabled, an investigation by the British Medical Journal and the BBC reports, even as the U.K. calls for lifelong checks for those who received the implants. Story | More

> Pfizer ($PFE) has signed off on a $204 million EPA plan to "cap" part of the Superfund site of a former American Cyanamid property in Bridgewater, NJ, and turn some of the area into a preserve. Story

> Pfizer also is recalling from a wholesaler one lot of its Prevnar 13 vaccine 0.5mL prefilled syringes because the active ingredient is past its expiration date. Recall notice

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