Sanofi dictates contractor choice, re-org to Genzyme

Genzyme is feeling the authority of its new parent Sanofi. The French drugmaker has influenced the selection of a contractor for a capacity expansion project at a plant in Europe and told employees in a corporate bulletin Tuesday that the standalone Genzyme unit will be shrunk, including only its personalized genetic health and multiple sclerosis operations.

Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services, which has previously done work for Sanofi, will help Genzyme add 8,000 liters of production capacity at its Myozyme site in Geel, Belgium, says In-Pharma Technologist. The $43 million expansion will support long-term growth of the Pompe disease treatment.

Bilfinger previously worked for Sanofi on a cell culture plant near Paris. Both jobs involve architectural concern PM Group.

Separately, the Boston Globe reports that Genzyme's oncology, biosurgery and renal operations will be integrated into Sanofi businesses in a new reporting structure. No word yet on job cuts.

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