Rx-360 concludes pilot; begins sharing of supplier audits

Rx-360 is taking the next step with an audit-sharing effort. The group, a consortium focused on pharma supply chain issues, is now implementing an audit-sharing system following completion of a pilot program. Going forward, member companies that are auditing their suppliers will ask them to participate in the program by agreeing to let the audit results be shared.

The goal of the pilot was to identify a process and legal framework for collecting audit reports and responses and for sharing them among consortium members, according to a statement. Completed audits, after being redacted to protect proprietary information, are submitted to Rx-360 for uploading to a secure database.

According to the consortium, the pilot showed that shared audits provide a sense of a supplier's quality culture and performance. The audits can be used by drugmakers to identify and pre-screen suppliers; they may ultimately yield savings by reducing the frequency, length, or scope of subsequent audits.

- see the statement