Rousselot Gelatin price increase

Rousselot Gelatin price increase

10th September 2012 – In view of continued and increasing tightness in our raw material markets in combination with heightened demand in gelatine markets, Rousselot announces a price increase from Q3 to Q4 of its overall gelatine portfolio starting 1st of October, 2012.

Main pressure is related to availability of bones, impacting our prices for Rousselot® Bovine Bone Gelatine. Here an average 4-5% price increase is announced from Q3 to Q4. These availability issues are likely to become even more severe going into the next year. Therefore prices are foreseen to go up significantly again for 2013.

Furthermore new EU regulations for pig farmers are depressing availability of Pig Skin, pushing costs up for our Rousselot® Porcine Gelatines. This is leading to an average price increase of 2%. The other Rousselot® Gelatines will follow in this upward price trend.

The exact new price levels will be communicated via the local Rousselot® sales representatives. Price increases may vary due to freight, availability and other local market situations. It should be noted that we expect to maintain availability of gelatine and the usual high levels of customers service by Rousselot.

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