Roche envisions China as generics-maker

Given the number of potential drug-takers in China and the current emphasis of its government on manufacturing quality, the People's Republic may grow into the role of high-quality maker of local generics, says Luke Miels, head of Roche's pharmaceuticals unit in the Asia Pacific. China's healthcare reform initiative provides another motivation.

"We think this is going to have a fundamental influence on the structure of pharmaceuticals," Miels says.

Roche moved its regional headquarters to Shanghai from Sydney last year. China's higher incomes are being accompanied by a rise in cancer rates and needed treatments. Roche also provides treatment for such local conditions as gastric and colorectal tumors, reports Bloomberg.

Pakistan is also joining the list of countries stepping up to manufacture their own medicines. The Biological Production Division (BPD) of the National Institute of Health (NIH) will, in the very near future, restart basic manufacturing of tetanus toxoid, measles and cell culture rabies vaccines, Federal Minister for Health Makhdoom Shahabuddin was informed during his visit to NIH here on Wednesday.

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