RFID system balances readability, price and data

Intelleflex believes it has struck a three-way cold chain balance in radio frequency identification technology: tag readability through several layers of packaging and insulation, a price point low enough for use at the carton or individual package level, and data capacity that allows both environmental monitoring and pedigree information.

The solution provides users with on-demand data visibility through handheld and fixed readers, without having to unload pallets or open cartons. The readers also provide input for corporate software applications. In free space, the tags can be read from 100 meters, according to the company announcement.

Tag pricing is about $12 in volume, reports Pharmaceutical Commerce. That's about one-third to one-fifth that of similar products that use active-tag technology, says the company. And a two-year battery life means they can be reused.

The RFID chip has a data capacity of 64 kilobits, so it can retain pedigree or tracking data in addition to in-transit temperature data. The solution is based on the ISO/IEC 18000-6 and EPCglobal C1G2 RFID multi-protocol standards.

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