Regulators OK Recipharm Monts filling expansion

Contract manufacturer Recipharm has gotten a sign-off by French regulators to begin filling sterile product at a newly expanded plant in Monts, France.

The authorization from the National Agency of Medicine and Health Product Safety (ANSM) is for the plant's flexible vials line, which Recipharm designed to handle smaller capacity orders. The first production on this line, designed to fill both clinical and small commercial batches, will be readily available to the life sciences and pharmaceuticals market from mid-2013 onward, the company says.

The company in June said it was expanding the filling capacity of the plant near Tours with a €600,000 ($756,000), investment in new filling equipment with a 7,200 cartridge-per-hour capacity. The Monts site, which has 200 employees, has three filling lines. Two large capacity lines are used for glass vials for injection and a third one is an aseptic line that fills cartridges.

Filling services for manufacturers have become hot as of late. Catalent Pharma Solutions recently completed a renovation of a clinical manufacturing suite in North Carolina that should provide a "fourfold increase" in the sterile fill-finish capacity at the facility. Siegfried Holding recently purchased Allied Medical Products for $58 million, with its eyes on getting into the sterile filling market.

- here's the release

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