Quality boost for pills; Free fill for cancer candidate;

> Pill quality may get a boost from scientists at the University of Maryland, who are using near-infrared spectroscopy to study how pills dissolve in the body. Article

> Under its Fillanthropy Program, Formatech will donate services required to aseptically fill and finish one lot of ViroMed's VM206 vaccine targeting breast cancer to support upcoming clinical trials. Announcement

> Contract researcher MakroCare, in collaboration with Advanced Drug Development Services, will offer pharmacovigilance and drug safety services. Release

> Bulk drug manufacturer Unimark Remedies has plans to launch some 30 oncology and critical-care products and offer radiation, chemotherapy and oncology-specialized pharmacies under one roof. Article

> India is about to kick off its Focus Pharmacovigilance program to study a dozen "controversial drugs," including certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants and nasal decongestants, which are banned or considered risks for adverse effects by other nations. Article