Plastic pallet makers report for duty

Perhaps seeing the Lipitor recall as the third time that's the charm, plastic pallet makers are attempting to seize a giant opportunity being created by odor-causing wooden pallets.

U.K. materials-handling supplier Avatan last week unveiled plastic pallets in three sizes--a standard floor pallet and two oversized, heavy-duty models. The lightweight standard pallet weighs 29 lbs. Of the larger units, one features free forks entry on its shorter sides and non-slip skids on the longer sides. The other oversized pallet has guided loading holes for safety, rather than free entry ports.

And last month, Intelligent Global Pooling Systems introduced the iGPS bios premium-level pallet rental service for the pharma industry. The company says the pallets "provide a level of hygiene and security that cannot be achieved with pallets made of wood."

Under the service, pallets are washed and sanitized at an iGPS facility, then immediately enclosed in protective wrapping.  They have embedded radio frequency identification tags so they can be traced across the supply chain. 

- here's the Avatan announcement
- see the iGPS release

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