Pharma-supported fields, not pharma, primed for job growth

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists make the list, but not drugmakers. AOL's top ten list of the most secure jobs in 2011 appears to rest all around the drug industry, but not in it.

U.S. Department of Labor statistics guided development of the list, says the Internet services company. Pharma's retail distribution partner, the pharmacist, pulls into the third spot. Employers are already having difficulty finding pharmacists to keep pace with the aging population. The DoL says it expects job growth for pharmacists will rise 17 percent by 2018.

Drug administrators and prescribers make the list, too. Nurses cruise to the top spot, with the DoL anticipating 21 percent to 22 percent job growth through 2018 thanks in part to healthcare reform. Their clinic counterparts, physicians and surgeons, pull up in fourth place.

Physical therapists, veterinarians and biomedical engineers make the list, too. And of course the legal profession. As we've reported, chief legal officers at pharma manufacturing companies boasted the highest median salary last year--$355,000--among all industries.

- here's the list