Pharma's biggest flops; Game-changing drug delivery technologies;

> The cold, hard fact of drug R&D is that most projects fail. Of the thousands of candidates under development, only a handful get approved, and even fewer grow up to be blockbusters. Pharma's Biggest Flops

> The top 10 medical device companies all boasted billions in sales in 2009. Johnson and Johnson, a giant in the pharma sector, proved its dominance in the device world, bringing in close to $30 billion last year. While other big players like Siemens, GE and Philips have made their marks in non-medical industries, they still rank among the biggest medical device makers in the space. Top 10 Medical Device Companies: 2010

> You know the picture: Two pharma CEOs, shaking hands and smiling as cameras flash and video rolls. It's been common enough, especially recently, as Pfizer and Wyeth, Merck and Schering-Plough announced their big mergers. But that's not always the way M&A goes. Biggest Battles in Biopharma

 > It is not enough to invent a potential new miracle drug. If there is no efficient way to get the therapeutic to exactly where it is needed, without harming healthy cells, then the drug is no "miracle" at all. So check ou tthe Top 5 Game-Changing Drug Delivery Technologies

> In recent years, Big Pharma has begun to look beyond brand-name drugs to the generics market. With the rising costs of healthcare, governments and payers alike are pushing for increased generics usage. Top 10 Generic Drug Companies

> A biotech executive who faked cancer to avoid trial. A researcher who lied about a major stem cell breakthrough. A former CEO charged with sexual harassment. These transgressors are among those who've landed on FiercePharma's list of the most notorious people in biotech and pharma. Notorious Names in Biopharma

> we're examining the drugs in development for diseases that are not yet available for treatment--vaccines that, if approved, could put an end to some of today's most challenging diseases and end up as blockbusters a decade from now. Blockbuster Vaccines of the Future

And Finally... Four Star Trek medical technologies we use today. Report

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