Pfizer sells swine flu business in China; Emerging World Pharma makes generics for Ghana;

> Pfizer is selling its Chinese swine flu business to meet that country's anti-monopoly law as a condition for approval of the drug giant's merger with Wyeth. Article

> Emerging World Pharma will begin testing and manufacturing generic drugs for the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani, Ghana. Release

> Ubichem Research of Budapest has passed regulatory muster as a cGMP supplier of radio-labeled active pharmaceutical ingredients. Release

> Nutra Pharma has tapped distributor Henry Schein to handle the Nyloxin-branded pain relievers in the U.S. Release

> Ohr Pharmaceutical has received a patent for its method of synthesizing a therapeutic agent, EVIZON, used in several of its compounds, including a treatment for Wet-AMD. Announcement