Pfizer contract drug testing heads to Singapore

Pfizer ($PFE) is moving its surveillance testing group from Connecticut to Singapore as part of its cost-cutting plans. The 20-person group tests products manufactured for Pfizer by contractors. The company tells that three people will remain in Groton, CT, to oversee the program and the rest of the positions will move to Singapore. Pfizer says the staff will remain in place till late this year and then there will be a transition. There will be 24 people at the new lab in Singapore, so the move will not result in fewer people checking products, Pfizer says. "This change helps us to better align our quality operations with business demand and generally strengthens the company's position as a global supplier," spokesman Steven L. Danehy tells the publication via email. Pfizer has been in cost-cutting mode for several years as some of its drugs, particularly its best-selling Lipitor, faced generic competition that would undercut its revenue. Just this week it announced that it was cutting manufacturing positions at two plants in Ireland in the face of falling Lipitor sales. Story | More

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