Perrigo recalls 180,000 bottles of Option 2 emergency contraceptives

Women turning to Perrigo’s Option 2 emergency contraceptive may be facing more than one unexpected situation. Some of the boxes don’t contain the medication.

Floundering Perrigo has added to its troubles with a recall of more than 180,000 bottles of its Option 2 tablets. It is the second company in recent weeks to have to recall a birth control product because of packaging issues.

The Allegan, Michigan-based company voluntarily issued the class II recall last week for 181,776 units of the levonorgestrel tablets, saying some cartons may be missing the tablet blister strip and tablet after packing issues arose.

Levonorgestrel is an over-the-counter emergency contraceptive that can be used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or after failure of another birth control method.

Some women might have actually sought it out in recent weeks after learning they might face an unwanted pregnancy because of a chance their Mibelas 24 Fe chewable birth control tablets might not work.

India’s Lupin had recalled one lot of its Mibelas 24 Fe two weeks ago after a confirmed market complaint that the blister pack in a wallet was rotated 180 degrees, reversing the weekly tablet orientation.

Perrigo’s recall comes even as the company this week said that CEO John Hendrickson will retire after just 13 months on the job. That follows a litany of problems and a decision in February to whack 750 jobs to cut costs.